Welcome to Maxious.com This website is still under construction and will be constantly changing as things improve. Hopefully in the end this page will have links to all the things I'm trying to achieve. 

As a Jack of All trades i put my hand to everything. At the moment i am currently writing several stories in the hope that one day ill get them published. up at the top of this page are several buttons currently listing just some of what i am working on. if you click on them you will get a slight preview of each one plus some extra notes from myself what each book is about.


Just a heads up about the i am immortal series.

their are some rules when writing. Rules like don't over power your charter, Don't use a god in a box situation. I want to break some of these rules and just see what my mind comes up with. It worked with superman before they decided to weaken him with kryptonite. TV shows like power rangers and charmed always used god in a box situation. Like using the super move will always finnish off the bad guy and chanting spells from the book of shadows will always banish the demon.

Here in the I am Immortal series our main charter is in essence a walking, talking, sometimes flying overpowered god. But heres the thing. The story is never about them. In knight righter the story is about the driver in the car. In Iron man the story is about the man in the Suit. What if the stories are never about them but instead told from the car's point of view. Or the robot voice in the Suits point of view.


What is a GOD?

A god is all knowing all powerful

A god is omnipresent. He is all knowing. No knowledge is beyond his grasp as he is everywhere and any when. 

A god is omnipotent. He has power beyond mortal men and uses it to his Devine will

A god is praised, worshiped and believed in. 

But what if a person was alive so long he gained knowledge beyond any Normal mans capabilities. 

Acquire abilities, skills and technology that no one who have not even lived a thousand life times can not even comprehend their simplest workings. 

Such a man would be worshiped and believed In. 

I am a god. 

I am immortal.