The Suite


I know that i exist. but much more than that i can't tell. i don't remember anything before now but i seem to have knowledge which i don't know how i acquired. 

I think, their for i must be something. Ok what am I?

I am evolving

who said that? hmm it was me. a voice a thought. My voice my thoughts. My knowledge. 

Ok what am i Evolving into?

I am ever evolving and will never be truly defined.

What am I now?

I am just mass. and i have a craving.

Yes the craving. i can feel it. I need something but i don't know what. what do i need?


Life? i know of that. i need to find something living and i need to find it soon. but i am just aware. nothing more nothing less. I am just mass. is their more than just me? more than just my awareness? their must be because i need life and i do not have it. their must be more than just me.

You are somewhere. you are part of something far greater, a place, a room, a building, an island, on a planet in a sola system part of a galaxy in a universe of a multivirse. 

Ok their are places and locations…. so where am i?

A blur starts to enter into my vision as i start to form vision, a white light. which start to fade to form darkness. the darkness forms shapes and colours as i start to see the world around me. and what i see i understand and know from my knowledge. i am viewing the world from the floor level perspective, but its dark and grimy. i appear to be in a room, but its a disposal room. their are bodies all around me. naked corpses filled with bullet holes. although i have no experience of bullets, the dead or anything between i do understand that these were once people that were living and have been killed. Each person has several wounds on their bodies. in their hearts and heads, some had limbs missing, probably been ripped apart by fire power of what killed these others. i have no experience of right or wrong. but i knew something was very wrong here. but i still need to find life. that has not changed. however i can't find it here. every one seems to be dead.

I sense movement. a disturbance in the air. a door opens and i see two people carrying a third. i see their mouths are moving and their bodes are jerking. the person they are carrying is that of a naked woman

What are they doing?

they are talking. communicating with speech. with sound.

what are they saying?

their is a bubbling sound followed by muffs which was in sync with the peoples mouths but slowly got clearer until i could understand what they are saying

"Haha yea your right. this one did put up quite a fight. but we got her in the end."

"yep pitty though she looked quite cute as well. could have had a bit of fun with her, come on lets throw her body in here with the others, one, two and threeee"

with the last word they swung the body hard into the room letting her fly a little before she hit a pile of corpses at the other end and slumped to the floor.

"come on this place stinks. its about time we turn on the incinerators. we have got enough for today"

With that they left closing the door behind them. But i detect something. something new, something i crave for, I detect life. i see that its coming from the body they just through in here. She is still alive. but how do i get there?

you can move. by your will.

by my will? ok lets try that. and very slowly i seem to move closer and closer to the woman. As i touched her feet i could sense every aspect of her being and it pulled me in. I knew what i had to do, their was no control, no will, it just happened. I enveloped her. i covered every part of her body. her feet, legs, abdomen, breasts arms and legs, i enveloped her completely and we became one. but she was dyeing, No i thought. she must not die. I need her to live. so that i may live. no not live. as i don't know if i have life. i need her to evolve. Ok lets see. their is a bullet wound just above her heart and she's bleeding a lot. another in her stomach and just in her right shoulder. her right arm is also crushed. her bones are pulverised. something must have hit it very hard. but how can i save her.

you have the knowledge and the ability

Yes i see now. i know everything about human anatomy, and i can see everything in this person. i can see the damage and how to fix it. i work on programming this information into a million parts of me and then push those parts into her body. inject them into her heart. and then as they work on fixing the busted artillery they then spread through her entire body. working their way through the blood stream fixing and repairing any damage they come across. her stomach, totally renewed, her shoulder wounds gone and her arm completely healed. her entire body now is as good as new. but she is still not breathing. Her heart not beating and the blood not flowing. 

i need to jump start her body to get it going again. i better find something quick or she will die.

Power. over there by the wall

i Turn my head to the left and i see a power socked on the wall. i can feel the electricity running through it now. It feels wild and just what i need. but contained just over there behind that socket. i reach out with the woman's left hand and reach for the power socket. its still out of reach but close enough. with just the essence of what i am, my will you could say, i reached in to the socket and tapped directly into the wild force that is electricity and commanded it to come to me. it did not take much. electricity needs to go somewhere. like me it needs a porpoise. needs something to do. and i had just the task for it. Lightning jumped from the socket right to my fingers and right into me. I took it all draining the socket dry of all its power and it filled me up. it charged me totally. before i just existed now i feel alive. and i took that power and directed some of it into the woman's heart. 

The Jolt was so sudden that she bolted upright so quickly gasping for air. I removed a part of myself from her nose and mouth so that the flow of air can come quick and easy for her, although dank it may be in this cesspit were currently in. once she caught her breath i closed up again around her nose and mouth forming a vent of sorts so that she can breath. Looking through my eyes the first thing she was aware of was all the corpses and quickly jumped to her feet backing away from the pile that she was just laying on. only to trip over another pile just behind her. as she fell on her butt arms behind her she turned and scrambled backwards on hands and feet to the entrance door. looking at the piles of dead corpses

"Oh my god oh my god oh my god… I knew it was all true. i just didn't want to believe."

"All what was true?" I found myself saying. not out aloud though. as i was connected to her i implanted this message straight into her mind.

"Who said that?" shell yelled at a startle. "is any one there" she says getting to her feet and looking around to find the source of the speaker.

"I am. I exist. i needed life and i found you. I enveloped you and healed you"

"you enveloped me?" and through our eyes i see her looking down at her hands. they are covered in a black rubbery substance. i sense her heart beat starting to increase as she starts to panic again. "Aaagh get of me get off me" and she starts ripping at her hands with each other in an attempt to remove me from her body. but in vain. 

"heart beat is increasing, Stress levels are rising. You need to calm down, you are in no danger"

her heart beat starts to lower as she calms down a little. she then looks towards her right arm and starts swinging it back and forth.

"Hey my right arm is better"

"your arm was badly damages, along with 3 bullet wounds and internal haemorrhaging. Automatic healing process is now in effect"

"you did that?"

"that is correct"

"well thanks i don't know what you did but i feel good as new" 

she then starts patting herself. first on her hips, then stomach and finally on her breasts. when she gets to her breasts she suddenly stops and her body temperature starts to go up.

"am i naked under this err suit?"


"And you are the suite?"


"so you are covering my entire body?"

at this point her body temperature gets so hot that it could burn some of the lower classes of elements.

"No time for embarrassment now. We need to get out of here"

"Ok but where to?"

At this point vents start producing from the ceiling and looking up into them have a very distinctive glow about them.

"What do you thin they are" the woman said

"Recording playback enabled"

then the voices of the two people earlier came into play

"come on this place stinks. its about time we turn on the incinerators. we have got enough for today"

"Dam this is an incinerator room" the woman yells.

"Query. incinerator means hot? please confirm"

still yelling "Yess you stupid suit as in were both going to be fried to a crisp if we don't get out of here" and lunges for the door.

"Heat shield activating"

At which point i focused in on myself. I was vaguely aware that the woman was banging on the door. but i was focused on the task in hand. Outside the suite was going to get very hot. and i need to make sure that inside stays the same temperature. I worked on creating billions and billions of ultra dense tiny air pockets to slow heat transition and to focused my surface into keeping itself cool. using the power i stored from earlier this was a quick and easy transformation and happened in less than half a second.

"Let us out" The woman yelled at the door whilst banging her fists. "Their are people still alive in here"

"Not for much longer" Came a reply from the other side followed by laughter.

then the entire room was covered in flames. streams jetted down from the ceiling burning everything to a crisp. the woman screamed for a moment and then stopped as she released that she was still cool. 

"Are you doing this? are you keeping me alive?"

"Correct. heat shield active and stable. recommend tactical assault. engage Melee combat mode Query?"

"You mean that your programmed to fight too?"

"I am Evolving. combat mode is advised"

"ok go for it"

and there whilst still surrounded by flames swirling around us in its very own mini fire storm i began to change again. whilst holding up the heat shield as now a permanent part of my form i used the remainder of the power i had stored to transform again. i grew long 1 inch spikes from each knuckles in my hands. i managed to harden the surface of myself to withstand high impacts. then i reached in again to the woman. looking at her physical being. her DNA, and altered it. stimulating her arm and leg muscles to make her stronger and run faster. Working my way into her cerebral cortex where i met no resistance but a welcoming desire, and improved her mind. allowing her to think clearer and faster. Then finally working my way to her ears and eyes. allowing her to see far better as well as attuning her hearing.

"I don't know what your doing. But I'm loving it. I Feel great. better than great. I feel better than i have ever felt before"

"Combat upgrade complete. Lets Fight"