Many hundreds of years ago a vicious battle raged across the sky between the Great Blue Mage of Legend and the Black Dragon of Chaos. With the Cataclysmic Ritual nearing its climax to bring about Armageddon and the end of the world. A giant black vortex etched with lightning bolts emanating from the seal on the ground leading up to the sky with the Black Dragon protected at its centre. Shifting from black to fiery red the vortex changed colour as it set the Atmosphere on fire, turning the clouds into rolling blankets of flames across the sky.

Standing at the summit of a nearby cliff overviewing the scene the Mage kneels, panting, drooped to the floor dressed in drabs of cloth all torn and tattered from battle. Cuts and sores mark almost every inch of his body. 

"It’s no good. All my power and I still can't stop him"

A tall slender woman stood untouched and unaffected from the events currently unfolding. Gently she runs her fingers lightly up his back as she casually walks to his side. Magical energy flowed through her body, out through her fingers and, in their touch, into the Mages desperately starving life force. Revitalised he manages to stand up again next to the woman; most of the cuts and bruises on his face now gone.

"It’s hopeless then? is it too late?" She asks. 

"No, there is one last thing I can do. And I’ll need your help to do it"

She lowers her head and closes her eyes in pain as tears start leaking from them.

"God damn it" She bursts out

"Let this world and its rules be damned. I won't let this Taboo keep us apart. We are soul mates. Bounded together by forces that this petty physical world can't even comprehend. They placed this Taboo on us and now we must die so they can live. It’s not fair."

The Mage gently takes her chin in his hand and lifts her face up to look at him.

"No it’s not fair. But still this must be done. For all their cruelty and evil we must not forsake those who are not, less we become like the Black Dragon ourselves."

She sniffs and nods

"One day I will return. When the Spirits see fit to send me back. And we will be reunited again my love. But you will have the worst of it. For you must endure"

"I don't care. Even if I have to wait a thousand life times I’ll keep searching for you. For your return. I will never give up on you my love. For we are bound together in immortal souls."

A loud crash of lightning booms across the sky bringing them back to the here and now. Winds start raging all around as the effects of the Fiery Maelstrom start getting closer.

"It’s now or never." He yells out over the wind.

"You have got to do it now or all is lost"

Without a moment to pause she jumps onto him, knocking him to the ground in one last passionate kiss. And in that kiss she forces all of her will, her energy, her power, draining herself completely into him through their kiss. Giving him everything she has left before rolling back over onto the ground totally drained. 

Once free again the Mage stands up and holds his right hand high above his head, grabbing in mid air at nothing which starts to form into something. Quickly expanding out from his hand a staff forms six feet in length and decorated in ornate sigils and carvings. He spins the staff around his hand so fast it becomes a windy blur. And when he strikes the ground it creates a boom so loud that it fills the sky louder than thunder.

"I AM AHAROON" he yells in such a booming voice that can be heard for miles around even over the Raging Maelstrom.

"Master of Spirit to the ancients I call to thee, aid me in my time of need" With that he lifts his staff and bangs it down again, sending another boom across the land. But with this a transformation occurs. A brilliant white light fills his entire body. Changing him. Endowing him with the gift of the Ancients. And when the light fades away he is left standing now dressed in the Ancient blue garbs of the Celestial high priest; the staff changed into pure white marble with a Dragons head and glowing blue sapphire eyes.

Within moments of completion of the transformation he crouches down and springs to the sky, flying forward ever upwards into the Fiery inferno the sky has become. Aharoon brings his staff forward pointing towards the baseline. A small circle of Blue white light emits from the mouth of the Dragons head which grows outwards and soon encompasses all of Aharoon, protecting him from the inferno as he shoots straight through. He is floating a few feet over the raging flames below, his protection now blown. He can't even see the ground because the fire is too thick. But he can see the top of the vortex. The eye of the storm, a maelstrom of fire and lightning sucking everything in and yet expanding ever outwards. This is no normal fire covering the sky. It is the destruction of life magic itself. The very essence that sustains our planet. There must be some residual left over that escapes the destruction. Something that’s trying to fight or flee. Something that he can use.  And there is. It’s there and it’s in abundance too. Looks like he got here just in time. The real Cataclysm has not truly started yet. He angles the base of the staff down towards the fire and begins to will the very essence of all magic into his staff. The Sapphire blue eyes on the Dragons head turn bright white as the staff fills with power. But there’s no time to wait for the staff to fill so he shoots off in the direction of the vortex. Still sucking up magic into his staff he leaves a wake through the fire as he passes. Knowing that the staff will not be enough and he needs everything at his disposal for the final conflict, he stretches out his mind and wills the very fire in the air to come to him. To bend to his will and protect him. As he reaches the edge of the vortex he becomes as bright as a star. Right over the top now, in the eye of the storm he can see the Black Dragon of Chaos. And the Dragon can see him. Turning on the ground to face him the Dragon lifts his head skywards stretching his wings and gives out a massive roar in defiance before taking to the sky. The Blue Mage takes the magic collected in the staff and generates another shield around himself before starting to dive, the effect of which transforms him again from a star into a streak of light plummeting towards the Dragon. The lightning barrier in the vortex strikes him again and again, but is held back by the shield. However it’s not enough! As the last lightning bolt hits so his shield finally pops and vanishes. 

Seizing the moment, the Dragon opens its mouth and belches forward thick black flames as hot as the sun but dark as the night. However the Mage takes the flames surrounding his body and sends it forwards in one last ball of fire that explodes on impact with the black flames, sending it scattering into the vortex and allowing the blue Mage to pass through unharmed. Now the only thing left that he's using is just the pure kinetic energy of the fall straight to the Dragon’s heart. But it would not be enough to defeat him; he starts to prepare the final spell that will end it all by tapping into that hidden source of energy given to him by his spirit bonded. His lover.  

"Farewell my love. I'll see you on my return" he whispers his departing words as he dives deep into the Dragons heart. On impact there was a mighty explosion that not only destroyed the vortex but everything for miles around, leaving an enormous mushroom cloud rising skywards. 

Meanwhile the woman, still laying on her back at the cliff top, watches the battle as it unfolds before her. Helpless and broken, all that she can do is pray for salvation from this madness where none will come. In the final moments she hears his last words of farewell in her heart as she screams his name like a wolf howling to the moon.


The blinding light fills the sky engulfing everything in pure white brightness. The Taboo placed on them shatters her soul and the eight pieces scattered to the four winds of the earth, leaving only her ghost behind.

Here in Oklo where the final Great battle between the Great blue Mage and the Black Dragon of Chaos. Nothing survived and both the Mage and the Dragon vanished from this Earth never to return. Or so it Seems… 


Chapter One

Time Keeping

I'm late I'm late damn it I'm late. Why did that professor have to give me a 45 minute lecture on time keeping and wasting time when I'm already late for my field trip class…..


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