What is a GOD?

A god is all knowing all powerful

A god is omnipresent. He is all knowing. No knowledge is beyond his grasp as he is everywhere and any when. 

A god is omnipotent. He has power beyond mortal men and uses it to his Devine will

A god is praised, worshiped and believed in. 

But what if a person was alive so long he gained knowledge beyond any Normal mans capabilities. 

Acquire abilities, skills and technology that no one who have not even lived a thousand life times can not even comprehend their simplest workings. 

Such a man would be worshiped and believed In. 

I am a god. 

I am immortal. 

A millennia has passed in my slumber and now it's time. Time to open my eyes again and see with my mind. Let the entire universe reveal Itself before me in its entirety. Planets, stars, sola systems, galaxy's and universes. In all it's dimensions of the multiverse, and through all of time and space. I gently drift as a formless entirety through the cosmos and I feel my self being pulled in a direction. 

"please help us I beg you. We need your light to protect us" I hear a woman cry. And she. Really was crying. I have scattered shrines across the multiverse to help keep a watchful eye over places I'm interested in keeping the balance. And this woman at one point of space and time is praying at one of my shrines. I felt myself being pulled in her direction and I let myself be pulled and waited. Waited for the fall to catch. It did not take long. Soon as I passed the barrier from the multiverse outside of the known reality the fall caught. I felt myself tumbling and falling through space straight to the shrine in question. As I was falling I went over what I knew of this planet. Oriental style culture going through the industrial period in their history. A majority of the people venerate animals and believe that they are the spirits of the ancient dead reborn into a form that most represents themselves in their former life. Such examples are the bear warrior Shan do sun for his courageous fight at the battle of Kume valley. Which was a turning point in their history. His spirit is still said to be there in bear form fighting off any intruders that he comes across. This parts not true though. It's just a disgruntled bear who set up his nest there with his mate and is annoyed that people keep intruding on them. The country I'm heading to is part of a unity of 5 states in a small continent. However it's neighbouring continent are invading. A massive flotilla of ships has left their home seas and are approaching the sea borders Of the state I'm currently heading to. 

I can see the land now. Drawing closer and clearer. It's time for me to choose. Choose a form. How should I appear to these people. And so I decided. Making form out of formlessness. I became hole and existed on the mortal coil. I had stomach, Feet, ears, eyes and mouth. I became, called back into extents by the desperate prayers of a girl calling out for a protector to save them. And I became that protector. 




"did you just protect me" she said as she slowly got closer. It was then that I realise that although she was just a little girl, her face was exactly level with mine. 

"are you interested in that statue? It is of one of our great ancestors. The great lord Shamaro. And his faithful companion Kema. They have watched over this valley for over a thousand year with their light of truth vanquishing the darkness of evil in every corner. Of all the gods he is my favourite. I know I'll call you Kemmy. After Kema, the great wolf."