Chapter 1: Dream of life and light.

By the year 2030 plans for the first moon base go into operations

On the year 2060 the first construction ship left earth with a full complement of workers. Their mission was to construct the first moon based colony site.

On the 2085, 5 years after the completion of the moon colony in 2080, the first 1000 colonists arrive to settle and to help carry on the work of the moon base builders. 

By the year 2089 the citizens of the new moon base colony1 had elected a leader to rule over them as their president.

On the year 2105 moon base alpha declared their independence and as a symbol to their new found independence they renamed them self’s to The Luna City and currently had well over 100,000 citizens through immigrants and births.

Now is the year 2403. The moon base Luna city now covers two thirds of the moons surface and holds well over 10 million people….

Ding…Dong… “Would passengers for the earth ship Washington please now board, gate 42. Repeat, would passengers for the earth ship Washington please now board, gate 42. Thank you” Ding ….Dong “Inbound Earth ship London now arriving at gate 12. Repeat Inbound Earth ship London now arriving at gate 12. Thank you.”

Hearing the announcement Joshua races to gate 12, looking up through the glass dome that is the ceiling to the stars of space and the earth looming just over the moons horizon. He sees the ship making its decent to the launch pad just out side the gate. As Joshua skidded to a stop near the barrier line over looking the gate, the ships passenger buggy has already passed through the clear plastic airlock and has stopped to let its travellers off. 

“Where is he, he must be here somewhere. I hope I have not missed him” He thinks to him self as he over looks the passengers as they disembark the buggy. Looking franticly admits the sea people trying hard to spot his long time friend he sees him just as he emerges from the enormous disembarking ramp from the buggy. Shaggy haired worn loose fitted clothing and a two day old beard, Carman was not hard to spot as he emerged from the off ramp from the ship.

“Hey Carman Over here”. Joshua shouts and waves down to Carman and he turns and waves back

“Hay Josh.. Meet me at the DeCon exit ok?”


And with that Joshua runs downstairs to the glowing DeCon archways that separate the part that is gate 12 disembarking area to the rest of the station. When Carman finally stepped through they greeted each other with a warm welcoming embrace.

“Ahh it’s so good to see you my friend after all this time” 

“You joker I’ve only been on Earth for 2 years”

“”yea so you must tell me every thing. How was it down there on the big blue?”

“It was great.” Carman replied

“The weather changes every day, I felt the wind in my face, rain dampening my hair, I also went the see the monument, the grand abysses, the towers in London, and you’ll never guess what. I even saw Kaizan living in old London.”

“Really that’s great what is old Kai doing?”

“He’s doing really well for himself. He is living over in Leyton by the church, And guess what. He has just signed up with the Bee’s”

“The Bee’s” Joshua Exclaimed

“But there the best Sky racing Team ever. I’ve been watching them for the past five seasons. The only other team that comes close to them are the wasps”

“Yea I know, I was just eating my lunch at F&B’s and I saw him. I called him over to say Hi. We got talking and he tells me. “Wanna know something. No one knows this yea but I’ve just been head hunted buy… the Bee’s” And I was like Wooo.”

“That’s great I knew things would work out for him. He always did have a thing for flying. But now were back and its time to get things rolling again. Are you ready to get back into the saddle?”

“You bet ya bucks I am. I’ve been dieing to get my hands on those Mechs again.”

“Yea I still have that last Mech waiting down in the garage. The team fell apart and out of the league just shortly after you left. So they no longer need the Mech any more and said that we can keep it.”

Carmen’s Eyes widened at this

“So this means” he said slowly

“That we have our very own Mech”