Starship Galactic...


Part 1 

From the darkness came light

Blink. Blink. Blink

In the darkness a small light blinks away on the computer console. The only light in this inky blackness. 

"Incoming craft detected.... Incoming craft detected"

The computerised voice announces to no one. As their is no one to hear

"craft is light 1 man scout ship. Kern class. Multiple hull fractures, energy signal is failing. 1 life sign detected. life signs are failing. Shall I initialise rescue and recovery?"

Their is a pause as nothing replays

"Thank you. Initialising rescue and recovery"

The lights of the cabin start springing into life as the entire ship wakes up. The main cockpit. The crew quarters, mess areas and everything else between. When the engineering room springs into life the entire ship is awake and moving towards the scout ship. 




"one minute to critical core meltdown. "

She scrambles to her feet and climbs up into the cockpit seat and straps herself in. All the time people are banging their fists on the hull of the ship trying to get in. One person even manages to jump up on the front screen window. Shacking its head and screaming like a madman in hysterics. Gripping onto the window spread eagle with both hands and feet. Now she can see a good look at these people. This person had welts and sores all over his face. Screaming at her he stuck out his tung and bit it off. Blood splashed all over the screen. Still screaming as he looses consciousness and falls off the ship. 

"What the **** is wrong with these people. I swear last time I checked this was a prison station and not an Insane asylum."

"30 seconds"

"Zall. We need to get out of here right now"

"20 seconds"

"safety protocols override hyperspace jumps inside structures"


"I don't care. Command level 0. Override safety's and get us the hell out of here"


" command accepted."


"warming up engines"


"Course plotted"


"Ready for launch?"



"0. Have a nice day"


The central core explodes immediately destroying that part of the station and sending it into deep space. This totally destroys the stations infrastructure forcing it to break apart. But right now a chain reaction has set of a series of explosions destroying section after section of the once former great prison station. And the last thing Angelina sees is the entire shuttle bay engulfed in a series of explosions as it fractures apart. A wall of fire engulfing everything including all the prisoners that were attacking her. Heading straight for her ship. Then Blam. A white blinding light blocks out everything as the ship enters hyperdrive. 

Beep beep beep

" what's that noise for Zal?"

That's the warning indicator that's just gone off. 

"NOW it goes off? Not when we're being attacked by killer zombie prisoners, or when the station is exploding around us. NOW it goes off?"

"yes because now its important. Now were in trouble."